John L Darcy PhD
About Me:

My name is John Darcy, and I am a post-doctoral researcher at University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in the Lozupone lab. In my PhD research and in my current post-doc research, I use mathematical models to understand how microbial communities change over time and space, and test against neutral models of community assembly. In a previous post doc at the University of Hawaii, I used this this approach to understand the distributions of fungi that live inside the leaves of native Hawaiian plants. At UC Anschutz, I'm developing a mathematical model for time-series human microbiome data.

Much of my doctoral work focused on the microbial ecology of vulnerable alpine systems, especially soils on or around glaciers. These soils represent the earliest stages of ecosystem succession. I have published several papers regarding nutrient limitation of "periglacial" microbial and plant communities, and also papers detailing microbial life in that environment.

My research has taken me to many amazing alpine sites around the world, including the Puca Glacier in the Peruvian Andes, the Toklat Glacier in Alaska's Denali National Park, Niwot Ridge Long-Term Ecological Research site near Boulder Colorado, Volcán Llullaillaco in the northern Chilean Andes, and Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valleys.

Because I visit many different (and scenic) sites for my research, I take lots of pictures. You can see them by visiting my instagram (jld.adventures) or visiting the photography section of this site.

If you are interested in graphic design (particularly scientific graphic design), please visit my graphic design page.

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