Figure showing possible metabolic pathways detected in an extremely high-elevation (6000 masl) bacterial genome. This genome was assembled from DNA extracted from the summit of the volcano Socompa in the Argintine Andes. Published in Lynch et al. 2014.

2016 re-design of the Schmidt Lab's AMO logo, to be used as stickers while I'm in Antarctica.

Figure depicting "propagule rain", which describes how microbes may reach previously-uninhabited terrain. Published in Schmidt et al. 2014.

Previous, 2012 re-design of the Schmidt Lab's AMO logo. Used mainly on posters.

Team insignia for my Oct 2016 - Feb 2017 trip to Antarctica. This is being printed as stickers; they will be plastered all over our gear.

Figure showing the relationship between latitude (positive or negative) and the ability for plants to grow. In barren soils (brown), microbial phototrophs are especially important. Published in Rhodes et al. 2013.

Two phylogenies of algae in the class Ulvophyceae. only one was made in color for budgetary reasons. The tree on the left uses the 18S rRNA gene, and the tree on the right uses the ITS gene. Published in Schmidt and Darcy 2014.

Rank-abundance bar plots showing how different microbial eukaryotes responded to nutrient addition. Both N and P addition inhibited the growth of mosses and selected for certain algae instead. Published in Darcy and Schmidt 2014.