Bridge boards to LIN format conversion service
Format your bridge hands/boards into LIN!

Compatible with:
Shark Bridge

Need help getting your bridge hands into BridgeBase (BBO), Shark Bridge, or similar? These platforms need a special file format that contains your bridge hands, called "LIN". All you have to do is download my template excel spreadsheet, fill it in, and send it to me via email ([email protected]). I promise next-day LIN file generation.

Detailed instructions (pdf) are available for entering your hands into the spreadsheet.

♣ LIN conversion costs $15 per hand, payable via PayPal or Venmo. Feel free to email me for a quote or with questions. Discounts are available for large orders!

Custom conversion is also available if you have your hands stored in your own format and need them converted to LIN. Pricing by request.

♣ I can also make your bridge hands into homework excercises, using the same spreadsheet. Homework excercises can include point count, bidding, shape, lead, hands, vulnerability, and your own personal logo. Homework is provided as ultra high-quality PDF files, which are generated using 100% vector graphics so they can be shrunk or expanded to any size without distortion.

♣ Homework generation costs $10/hand, but is discounted to $5/hand if LIN conversion service is purchased as well. Further discounts are available for large orders; email for a quote!

Homework examples:
In homework outputs, each field can be blank (not shown), empty (for a student to fill in), or visible. In the example below, all fields are visible:
homework example

In this example of homework for beginning bridge class, you might ask the student to describe their opponents' hands given the bidding. Note the field for "lead" is not shown, since the class has not covered leads yet:
homework example

This example is the same hands as above, but gives the student all hands and lets them fill in bidding for each player. High-card point count and shape exercises are included as well.
homework example

Please don't hesitate to email me ([email protected]) with any questions.